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Work/Study from home (Home Office/Study setup)

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Due to the pandemic, the new normal for IT professionals is to work from home, OR for students, Study from home, which means you have to seriously re-look at your home office/study setup so that you can work/study comfortably without compromising your health/productivity/study.

Here are a few things, which I have listed, that may help you set up a decent home office/study

Power backup

  • Invertor - In case your house/flat does not have a power backup/generator

  • Modem UPS/ Small UPS for modem - This is a must for an uninterrupted internet connection

  • Powerbank for mobile charging, in case you have to take a meeting from another location in your house


Broadband (minimum 100 Mbps speed)

Home office/study setup

IT Hardware


  • Speedtest To monitor the internet speed

  • Krisp to eliminate all background noise with a single click

  • Trello Workflow management

  • Any other software you want for productivity like to-do/planner etc

Mobile setup / Apps: Setup commonly required office apps on mobile, so that you can operate from anywhere.

  • Email Client

  • Calendar

  • Zoom

  • MS Teams

  • Slack

  • Acrobat Reader

  • Chrome

  • Reminder / Alarm

  • Any other tools you generally use in the office


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